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Enterprise customers want one thing above all: reliability, security, flexibility and calculable costs

With open-source software, you also get control of your investment

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As an ICT manager of a company, it is always a challenge to make the right decision. Criteria here are of course the for a solution, for a solution, long-term stability and availability of support, and also the costs.Today's OpenSource developments can score very well in many areas because the openness and the large number of developers / consultants help to present the essential elements of the requirements in a high-quality manner.

Take, for example Odoo: This is a business system that monitors all aspects of your business and its processes in just one system. Odoo offers an enormous range of functions, which is known as "large" ERP systems.

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Odoo - Open Source and License free

Another advantage: Odoo is license-free! As an open source application ODOO can be easily adapted to the individual needs of a company. Thus, Odoo, adapted to your individual business model, will be a sensible investment in the digital future of the company. With the release of ODOO 9 and 10 there is first a separation of Community and Enterprise Edition. But even with the community edition, you already have a complete and impressive business system. Both versions work according to the open-source model, which means that the source code is also open to you and you have complete control over your system. The Enterprise version, however, offers a wider range of features compared to the Community edition, which brings many advantages not only for larger companies.

The Enterprise version is accompanied by a paid maintenance contract (EUR 20 per user per month), which also includes upgrades to a new version of the standard code. In addition, the user receives a warranty from the manufacturer, which gives you the right to troubleshoot problems caused by Odoo. In addition, the user has a variety of other possibilities, such as e.g. Additional e-commerce connectivity, enhanced website builder functionality, as well as sales and finance.

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